Who is Breadpal?

Alexander Terrazas, Former Executive Pastry Chef of Jane The Bakery in San Francisco. Winner of Best Baguette SF 2017 and Best Croissant SF 2018. Alexander started cooking from a very early age. He grew up in Arlington, Virginia where he learned under his father, a chef that worked in fine D.C. establishments. Alex went to school for Biology, but his passion has always been food. In Virginia he started a small confections company before moving to Chicago to pursue a path in fine dining. His first official line cook job was at 3-Star Michelin Alinea, which he earned by knocking at the back door and asking for a chance to show his skill. Alexander has a tireless commitment to self-study that led him through various roles in the kitchen.

Driven by the opportunity to work with the bounty of Bay Area products, he left his position in 2013 as Pastry Chef of the Argent in the Dana Hotel of Chicago. In San Francisco, he refined his skill with croissants and other laminated pastries at Le Marais Bakery before briefly working at Pastry Chef at RN74. Alexander’s curiosity in bread eventually came to life with a role as a baker at Jane.


At Jane on Larkin, he oversaw laminated pastry production before establishing larger-scale operations at Jane the Bakery.  At Jane The Bakery he developed new product lines for wholesale and retail offerings; focusing on whole grain products and highlighting local sustainable seasonal produce. This opportunity gave him the experience of learning the fine details of equipping a large bakery, setting up systems, and managing a team of high level artisan bakers. Alex and his wife Aubrey recently began a new adventure in Europe and currently reside in Lyon. 

Mission Statement

At Breadpal our focus is to provide efficient high quality service tailored to your specific needs.We believe in producing measurable results and focus on sustainable practices. We strive to cultivate passion with your team, building a strong foundation from which to grow.